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Investment management for Institutional Investors

ECOFIN Group has over 30 years of experience in advising institutional clients on investment issues. We are familiar with the challenges that pension funds, health insurance companies and insurance companies face when investing. We have in-depth know-how in all relevant areas and are at your side as a competent partner.

ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG specializes in asset management for institutional investors. We have the expertise to support you in determining your investment strategy, for example with the help of asset-liability management, and to implement the defined strategy reliably and at low cost.

Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen, founder and CEO ECOFIN Group

“We are your advisor and direct contact for the determination of the investment strategy, its implementation, but also for the ongoing strategy monitoring.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen, founder and CEO ECOFIN Group



With our advice, we aim to gear the management of your assets optimally to the liabilities of your foundation or company, your risk tolerance and the reality of the financial markets. To this end, we analyze both the financial markets and the goals and risk tolerance of your foundation or company.
We assess events on the financial markets and classify them on the basis of our scenarios and economic outlook. We regularly inform the foundation board or board of directors, respectively, and thus empower them to assess the impact of market events on the fulfillment of their own mandate.


The investment strategy is the most important factor for the long-term investment success of a pension fund and other institutional investors; many risks can already be eliminated implicitly in this way.
ECOFIN has the competence to determine the investment strategy so that your institution’s assets are optimally matched to your liabilities. We use various scientific tools to achieve this: Asset liability analyses, Monte Carlo simulations and stress tests based on ECOFIN’s scenarios.
On the basis of the investment strategy determined in this way, a company-specific benchmark is set and calculated on an ongoing basis.


When implementing the investment strategy in the specific portfolio, we use broadly diversified investment products with low product and custody account costs. We avoid speculation with individual securities.
Thanks to our virtual investment pooling, we achieve such low costs as can otherwise only be achieved with much larger assets.


ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG is independent of banks, product providers and other suppliers. We only use third-party investment products that we have evaluated according to strict rules.
We guarantee full transparency on costs and performance.


Our solution is characterized by significantly lower costs compared to conventional investment solutions. We achieve this cost advantage through our pooling platform and excellent index investment products. We pass the cost advantage on to our clients. This enables you to achieve a higher net performance.


If you choose us as your partner for asset management, we will be at your side for the long term and with extensive experience.
As a family-managed asset manager, we know the importance of stability and reliability. We invest accordingly in long-term relationships with our clients.


Costs are an essential success factor for the development of your assets. This becomes particularly apparent in times of negative interest rates. Calculation examples for capital accumulation and capital reduction show this fact very clearly:


A portfolio of CHF 10 million is assumed.

If 4% instead of 3% per annum can be generated on this amount due to lower administrative costs, after 10 years the investment income will be CHF 4.8 million instead of CHF 3.4 million, i.e. CHF 1.4 million or 41% more.


A portfolio of CHF 10 million is assumed.

You ask yourself how often CHF 0.5 million per year can be withdrawn from the portfolio if – due to lower administrative costs – 4% instead of 3% per year can be generated. With a capital yield of 4% per year, this is a good 41 years. With an investment income of 3% per year, it is around 31 years, i.e. 10 years less. In Swiss francs and in relation to the size of the portfolio, this is a huge difference.


ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG was founded ten years ago at the suggestion of a large foundation with the aim of combining excellent consulting with low implementation costs.

Low advisory, management, custodian, product and transaction costs are a decisive factor in the success of an institution, as is the reclaiming of withholding taxes on dividends from foreign stocks.

For this reason, ECOFIN has created a platform with a specialized value chain, where division of labor and specialization lead to low costs. We pass on the cost advantages directly to our foundation clients. Thanks to the virtual pooling of foundation assets, we can also pass on the low prices to smaller foundations.


If you would like to find out more about our advice and asset management for your pension fund, health insurance or insurance company, please contact Alexandra Janssen, Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen or Andreas Glatter.

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Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen


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