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Our Approach

ECOFIN has been creating value for institutional and larger private investors for more than 30 years. Our asset management offers an excellent combination of individual, risk-oriented advice and cost-effective implementation.

We cannot systematically forecast the financial markets; nobody can. But with our approach we can determine the best portfolio for your institution or for yourself and implement it cost-effectively. For this purpose, we take into account scientific findings and make use of our in-depth understanding of financial markets, as well as the understanding of our clients’ requirements which we have built up over the years.

Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen, CEO and founder of the ECOFIN Group

„The most important success factor in investing the assets of any client is determining the right investment strategy. This is a comprehensive, often complex task. At ECOFIN we have the theoretical and practical knowledge to master this task.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen, CEO and founder of the ECOFIN Group


For foundations, pension funds and larger private clients, we offer individual advice, carefully selected, cost-effective investment products and comprehensive asset management. Asset managers and family offices typically purchase investment products from us in combination with economic research. Further information for your specific situation:

Alexandra Janssen, CEO ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG

„With our expertise, we determine the right investment strategy for our clients, implement it cost-effectively and continually review the portfolio.”

Alexandra Janssen, CEO ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG



We have specialized in offering a comprehensive solution for your investment: We provide first-class advice for determining a goal-based and risk-oriented investment strategy. Before implementing the investment strategy, we test it against our market scenarios using Monte Carlo simulations and stress tests. The actual implementation takes place at very low cost. The portfolio is monitored daily over time. We also consolidate several portfolios if there are several portfolio managers.


We will develop an individual investment strategy for you or your institution that balances your assets, your goals and your risk tolerance.
ECOFIN defines a specific benchmark for each client that accurately reflects this strategy. The benchmark is calculated daily so that you can check at any time how the portfolio is complying with the strategy.


The most important element of risk management is the investment strategy, which is geared to the obligations of your institutions or your personal goals. In this way, many risks can be implicitly eliminated.
With the help of Monte Carlo simulations, stress tests and scenario analyses, we determine which strategy best suits your goals and risk tolerance.
This gives you the certainty of knowing that you have the right investment strategy, even in turbulent market phases.


ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG is independent of banks, product providers and other suppliers. We only use third-party investment products that we have evaluated according to strict rules. We guarantee you full transparency on costs and performance at all times.


Thanks to our pooling platform, we can offer costs that are otherwise only achievable for assets that are several times larger. Lower costs are directly reflected in higher returns.


Wherever possible, we use passively managed investment funds that track explicit stock or bond indices.
This ensures that your portfolio is fully diversified in each asset class. No unnecessary risks are taken through active management, which on average are not compensated over time.




Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen


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Alexandra Janssen, MA UZH

CEO ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG

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lic. oec. publ. et. lic. iur. Andreas Glatter

COO ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG

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ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG is part of ECOFIN Group. The first company of the group was founded in 1986 by Professor Dr. Martin Janssen. Since its foundation, the ECOFIN Group has been advising large private and institutional investors as well as financial intermediaries on investment issues. ECOFIN has also developed various software products (index software, advisory tools, risk management and optimization software, etc.).

ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG was founded in 2010 to combine expert advice with cost-effective implementation in asset management. To this end, our team of economists, lawyers and software engineers has implemented a specialized value chain to offer our clients optimal investment solutions. The basis of our work is scientific knowledge, a close relationship with universities, comprehensive knowledge of the financial markets and a sound understanding of our clients’ requirements.

ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG is an SRO-regulated asset manager with OAK approval.

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In addition to the risks characteristic of shares and bonds, the financial products indicated also have specific risks, including those in connection with securities lending. Our advisors will be pleased to explain the details and what is done to minimize these risks.

Investors who wish to take advantage of the tranches of the “Equities Developed Countries excluding Switzerland” fund (with or without hedging of the currency risk) must be prepared to disclose personal data to the US tax authorities in order to benefit from the tax advantages associated with this.


ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG is a member of the PolyReg Self-Regulation Association, Zurich, and complies with its regulations on compliance with the provisions to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.


ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions is also subject to PolyReg’s code of conduct for asset managers (PolyAsset). Clients who conclude an asset management agreement with ECOFIN are therefore considered qualified investors within the meaning of the CISA, irrespective of their assets and whether or not they have a professional treasury, and can invest in products reserved for this category of investor.

Compliance with both sets of rules is verified by an independent auditor.


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